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Absolutely Yes!  Please look at the top of your browser and you'll see that we're "https" SSL Certified. Meaning, any and all information you divulge on our site is 100% encrypted with a padlock.

Absolutely Not!  We cannot imagine anyone being BOLD enough to approach us or even enter the counry of Belize with such proposal (s). But if and when they do, you can rest assure that our customers will NOT be BETRAYED...neither will we SELL OUT our own Belizean people for "30 Pieces of Silver."

Yes, You Can!  Believe me...We went through great pain to customize this site with the thought of YOU in mind. Why you ask? Because we didn't  want YOU to have any excuse not to go shopping on this site. That's why.

We gladly accept the following method of payments: Credit Cards, Bank Deposits, Western Union, and Cash.

All you will need to do is make your selection online and check out via the "Non Credit Card" (option) button. After verification and confirmation by the bank that you have made YOUR deposit into OUR account from whatever district you live or work. We will proceed in shipping out your package ASAP!...via the reliable International Postal System. We use USPS or AMERIJET. It all depends on how fast you need your package. FYI: Nowadays, you can even track you own package online. You can track it from the time it leave...until the time it arrives. Nothing is VAGUE or SUSPICIOUS...anymore. Everything is TRANSPARENT nowadays...for the benefit of the customers.

Yes!  As is quite common in Belize...if there is a particular item or something you need but cannot find or locate. Please contact us and we'll do our utmost best to source out that item for you. We usually request a deposit on  (SPECIAL ORDERS), only to ensure that you're serious about the requested merchandise. After we have secured the merchandise for you, it will be promptly shipped...or you will be told exactly where to pick it up.

Yes we do. We have a 30-Day RETURN or EXCHANGE POLICY.  So if after purchasing an item from us, you find that you are not entirely pleased with your purchase or it doesn't suit your taste. Please feel free to exchange the item, or you may request a refund. However, the item must be in its original condition with tags attached and no signs of wear. Also, shipping and handling will be deducted. In other words, you should expect approximately 80% refund. PLEASE NOTE: If the merchandise was purchased in person with no shipping involved, you will be given a FULL REFUND.

Yes we do!  Please sign up for our monthly Newsletter and learn firsthand about the benefits of joining our CLUB...and getting all the perks you deserve.

Yes, O Yes! Our whole purpose of being in business is to run a successful business. . .in order for us to SHARE, and to UPLIFT, and to HIRE. . .  the down trodden, the oppressed, and the underdogs

Yes! We ship worldwide.



Shop online...Period. You don't need to drive or go anywhere...or fly anywhere. JUST SHOP RIGHT HERE!...You don't even need a CREDIT CARD. Just deposit the money at a BANK in BELIZE...or via WESTERN UNION. That's all you need to do. No hassel. No sweat. This website is custom-made and it was built for people to SHOP without CREDIT CARDS. I already know that Belizeans generally pay CASH for everything...so I have to accomodate my people. I will take care of everything, and you will receive your package in record time. There is nothing for you to worry about. Thank you very much for your business!

XO - Beverly