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29 Sep

What is WRONG With the WORLD Today?


What is WRONG With the WORLD Today...you ask? IMO...This world would be sooo much better off... if EVERYONE would practice "Minding Their Own Business."  Because too many people are pokiing their nose into other people's privately owned business and privately owned properties. Yes, this is exactly what is WRONG wiith the WORLD today.. Behaving as if someone's private business or private property is PUBLICLY held. I imagine that if you are really so educated... then you should be able to easily differentiate between PUBLIC and PRIVATE.

E.G.: If you should ever visit MY WEBSITE(S) or MY BRICK-N-MORTAR...and you don't like something. Then guess what you should do? You should just LEAVE...permanently....and NEVER return. Because I clearly do not need you or your business or your NEGATIVE comments. I have made it this far without you...and guess what? I can continue my journery onward...forever...without you or your comments...or your "opinions" of ME and my privately owned properties. Yes, that is correct.  

#MYOB. . .in other words: GO AWAY!  Because the chickens won't miss you, and the gardener won't miss you, and the staff won't miss you.

As  a rule of thumb, whenever I visit websites that I don't like. I never return.  It is that simple. I just dismiss them...permanently. I don't HARASS them. I just leave. Why? Because that is the intelligent thing to do. It is a sign of maturity. I politely dismiss them and go on with my life because I have no interest in their business. My plate is full...handling my own affairs and my own business. The funny part is that for the first time in history we have 7.5 billion people on the planet. Nevertheless, there are those who really believe that they are irreplaceable. Funny isn't it?

O...I'm feeling bored today. So let me just roam the Internet...and if I get lucky I'll find someone I dated as a teenager. And then I can start STALKING them and FOLLOWING them around the globe...and getting help from my allies to DESTROY their life. Why? Because I am such an UPRIGHT and NOBEL citizen. That's why. And. . .I am also highly respected and held in high esteem within all communites.

Really? Hmmmm. . .


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