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16 Oct

Teaching Grown Adults How to Behave


I had no idea that a day would actually arrive when I, Beverly, would have to sit at a computer and write a (mockup manual) in teaching GROWN ADULTS (how) to behave.

#1. Edwin McDougall Jr., is my brother...legally. But the women who gave birth to his (outside) children are NOT my in-laws. Period. Why? Because he NEVER got married to any of them. That's why.

#2.  The women who gave birth to Edwin McDougall's children and went on with their lives and found a NEW man. Should clearly understand that I, Beverly, cannot associate with THEIR MAN, neither can (I or my spouse) form any business relationship or personal friendship with THEIR MAN. Why? Because "Edwin McDougall" is my brother. That's why. It would be highly unethical of ME to engage in such TRIANGLE relationships for no apparent reason, other than being told that I MUST COMPLY...or else...the entire senate and congress are coming after ME.

#3. I am a grown adult woman, therefore, other adult female should NEVER feel a need or desire to CONTROL ME or tell ME what to do with my personal life, or my personal and private property, or my personal assets, or whom I should speak to, or whom I should visit, or do lunch with.

#4. I have been a naturalized U.S. Citizen for the past 30+ years. Therefore, no person sitting in another country should have the right to contact the WHITE HOUSE in Washington, D.C., and discuss my personal and private property, or my personal life, or my persoanl assets. Why? Because it is absolutely NONE of their business. That's why.

#5. As a dual citizen I, Beverly, reserve the right to file a HARASSMENT LAWSUIT and seek compensation for DAMAGES (in any country where I hold a passport) against any STALKER who has NO scruples whatsoever, so they are quite comfortable in STALKING or HARASSING ME...around the globe... 24/7.

#6. For the record: A couple months ago I, Beverly, visited the Social Security office here in Texas and I was told that MY surname was CHANGED in their computer system from (McDougall) to (Mendoza). So obviously there's deep CORRUPTION and FRAUD going on here...and I will hire a lawyer if anyone is tampering with my social security. Because the U.S. Treasury Bonds that I bought at the bank I was working at 30 years ago...was STOLEN recently in Minnesota. But of course, the U.S. Government had absolutely nothing to say or do about such fradulent behavior. Well, I personally have gotten enough of it.

#7. Some people would have you believe that THEY are sooo POPULAR, but in truth they are not. Because THEY can't even win an elecltion. And the only position they've ever held were appointed ones, and that's only because they're kissing ass...24/7. If someone can't even convince half the population to vote for them = 3,500 people. Then the question remains: How much influence do you really have?

PSA: All U.S. Citizens are protected by the U.S. Embassy in ALL countries. It is NOT vice versa. Meaning, the U.S. Embassy does NOT protect "others" while rejecting their OWN TAX-PAYING CITIZENS.  For example:  There are "certain" Belizeans living in Belize who are acting "as if" THEY are U.S. Citizens. But...I just look at them and laugh. Because I, Beverly, can walk into the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan and demand certain rights, but they can't. So maybe it's about time we all come down to earth and accept WHO we really are.


If there are 7.5 BILLION people on the planet...then there is no reason whatsoever why the SAME people would need to keep bickering and behaving "as if" there is a relationship. When in truth there is NO relationship because we aren't even on the same stratosphere. So then...what's the need of finding solutions with those whom you will never see...and those who are not even on your orbit. So...is it not time to MOVE ONE and meet NEW people? Yes it is.

Thank you very much!

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