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18 Aug



"So aim your lens at the unsightly"

"Close ups of weeds. Bugs and insects. Water-damaged wood in a home. Rusty derelict cars. Old problem gutters. . .ice-damming."


>> So aim your lens at the Capital City - Belmopan. Where successful Belizeans live who own Multiple Homes. . .and are tired of seeing rural surroundings and wooden houses...and might feel the need to rub shoulders with the FOUNDING FATHERS. . .and....Prince Philip.

>> But make sure you have an extra bedroom for those folks from Minnesota who will show up at your front door (as sure as the SUN is SHINING) BEGGING for a LODGING...and a place to PARK their SHCOOL BUS  Because we all know that an OLD SCHOOL BUS IS NOT equipped to take a SHOWER. Unfortunately, THEY NEVER received an official memo or a Royal Mail...regarding the GRAND OPENING of the NEW CAPITAL of Belize...neither did they receive a ROYAL INVITATION from the FOUNDING FATHERS or BUCKINGHAM PALACE. Neither did they book a ROOM at the local HOTEL or HOSTEL. But nevertheless...THEY...SHOWED UP (inside) Belmopan...at (WHOSE) SPANKIN' NEW HOUSE...I wonder? They even bragged that they visited the local TENNIS COURT and SAW sightings of the MINISTERS of GOVERNMENT (i.e. "George Price's" CABINET).


SHOUT OUT to ALL MY SCHOOL MATES in BELMOPAN!!!...Of course I know that some of you have become SENATORS and "BIG SHOTS"...by now. But nevetheless...WE ARE STILL CLASS MATES. And...if we should ever have a REUNION and MEET UP in Belmopan...that would be a riot...for sure. Because I would have soooo much to share...We wouldn't stop...LAUGHING! wink

IMO: Small houses are great if you have ONLY 2 kids and you can give each of them their OWN HOUSE. . .as a GIFT...while they're still a BABY or a TEENAGER.  But...if you're going to STUFF (13 CHILDREN or 19 CHILDREN) in a tiny house...then...that is a MAJOR PROBLEM.

FOR EXAMPLE: I was given my first house when I was just a BABY...as a GIFT...and my brother was given his first house when he was only 17 years old. And he and I are almost 10 years apart. So...for a teenager to OWN his OWN HOUSE...that is quite unusual. Because afterall he is the ONLY person who should be LIVING in HIS HOUSE...and anyone else...is an INTRUDER!!!  I've never heard of a TEENAGER needing to live in a GIGANTIC house...all alone.  LOL!!!

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