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22 Nov

High Technology = Boycotting


PSA:  I hate to burst your bubble...but just so you know...nowadays...it is no longer THE PEOPLE who are BOYCOTTING the business. But it is now the business...that are BOYCOTTING the people. How is this possible you ask? It is called HIGH TECHNOLOGY...and whether you like it or lump it...it is HERE to STAY. Because for your information, many business are fortifed enough to DO AS THEY PLEASE...and believe it or not...they will not MISS YOU or your two cents. Have you ever tried entering a website but got a 404 redirect...instead?  Well, perhaps, that was NOT an accident. Because nowadays technology is sophisticated enough to BLOCK entire countries.

FYI: There are currently 7.5 BILLION people living on planet Earth... and the USA = 5% of the WORLDS population. So what is YOUR country's population? And what is YOUR country's percentage? And how much impact do they have on the GLOBAL marketplace? Facts are stubborn things...and mostly... we don't want to hear it. But...it is what it is.



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