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11 Nov



To Whom It May Concern:

I'd like to take this opportunity to disclose a few very important facts to the WORLD:

1. Kenneth Coons and I, Beverly, are in NO WAY affiliated with any of Edwin McDougall's (EX-WOMEN) or HIS EX-MISTRESSES or their extended family members, friends, and associates inside the country of Belize.

2. I, Beverly, am NOT responsible for any of Edwin McDouglall's outside children...Becasue as of date...I have NOT seen any DNA tests that would influence ME to believe that I am in any way, shape, or form related to them by BLOOD. So then, if I, Beverly, was not the match-maker or liason between Edwin and HIS EX-WOMEN...then there is NO reason for MY NAME to ever be mentioned or for ME to suffer at the hands of Edwin McDougall's EX-WOMEN. Because it is quite clear that I, Beverly, am NOT involved and have NEVER been involved, and have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of it.

3. Kenneth Coons and I, Beverly, have TOO MUCH to lose to engage in foolsihness going on inside the country of Belize by foolsih people (i.e., those who clearly LACK international travel, exposure, and worldly experiences) which would naturally teach them how to behave and carry themselves circumspect... in relation to others and others private lives and properties.

4. Kenneth Coons has only ONE contact inside the country of Belize and that person would be (ME) Beverly. Yes, it was I, Beverly, who introduced Ken to Belize and it was I, Beverly, who (personally) took Ken inside the country of Belize, and it was I, Beverly, who took Ken inside the country of Guatemala, and inside the (interiors) of Central America by extension.

5. Kenneth Coons has ZERO interest in anyone inside the country of Belize or the region (except) HIS WIFE (ME) I, Beverly.

6. Kenneth Coons will NOT even visit the country of Belize (except) he is with HIS WIFE (ME) I, Beverly.

7. My children share my DNA. So in my opionion DNA is extremely important...especially if there are ASSETS involved. Because who is going to GIVE AWAY all they have struggled to achieve to PERFECT STRANGERS? Even though there are LOTS of WOMEN walking around out there...and acting "Hoity Toity"...but they are actually (OPPORTUNIST) ... and they are shamelessly DUMPING their children off on certain men...who aren't even their biological father.

I truly do hope that I have cleared up ALL misconceiptions, and I truly do hope that I have been clear and precise with the FACTS.

Thank you very much!


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