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12 Jul

Feedback Rating + Reputation = SALE$


"The best customer experience" is the core behind a successful eBay business.That's because the better your reputation on eBay, the easier it becomes to seal the deal with sales. People rely heavily on the eBay feedback system to help them determine if a seller is legitimate or not, and eBay uses these reputation scores to offer better discounts on fees to sellers that regurlary sell and receive positive feedback.

Considering the great opportunity here, if you choose to expand into other marketplaces, you'll already have a leg up on many aspects of ecommerce. It is easy to make an argument that eBay is the ideal starting point for the budding ecommerce entrepreneur. There's several reasons I make this claim:

>> International market for sales all over the world. Ebay is active in over 30 countries.

>>  Ebay's extensive search engine optimization efforts make it easy for people to find your products through Google and other search engines. This includes Google's Product searches, which can lead to a lot of sales if you're using great keywords in your titles.

>> Multiple selling formats.

>> Discounted shipping rates help you save money.

>> Discounted fees for good sellers.

>> There's a huge amont of resources to learn from, including a large community.

>> It's a safe and trusted website with over 20 years of success.

Ebay launched in 1995, and since then, they've continued to grow and be one of the dominationg platforms for online sellers across the world. Their growth is not slowing down either. In 2017, they reported over 167 million users on their site. Of that number, 25 million are sellers, which means that a whopping 142 million buyers are active on Ebay right now!  Although eBay is an international company, 44% of their business comes from the United States alone, but there's no reason you can't sell internationally to attract that other 56% of buyers.Gross sales in 2015 were reported at $82 billion dollars!

- Matthew Scott



IMO: ThIs is an Interesting article. Why? Because there are sooo many "EXPERTS" running around out there. But at the end of the day. . .who's report would I believe and accept as credible? And...who's recommendation would I honor? An $82 BILLION DOLLAR COMANY recommendation...or...someone GREEN with ENVY and JEALOUSY...walking around BAD-MOUTHING (sellers) who are making a POSITIVE contribution to their community and society...by working hard...night and day. Well...I think the answer is obvious.  Because...I am a witness to the fact...that eBay does indeed have millions of dedicated - committed sellers. And some of them don't even own a brick-and-mortar or a website...and they have no desire to do so either. Why?  Because they are happy and content with their successful eBay business.

- Nikkiwickie


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