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Many thanks to our THOUSANDS of CUSTOMERS...over the years...who left us POSTIVE FEEDBACK online...

and others who sent us LETTERS via snal mail...as proof of being Satisfied Customers.

It's always a pleasure serving you.




Renata is from the village of Mango Creek/Independence in Southern Belize.

And she has the entire SOUTH held down....by virture of her SURNAME...alone. Her sales are "Off the Charts."

In the country of Belize it is ALL about your SURNAME. In other words, your surname comes FIRST and it comes LAST.

And then...you the individual is considered.based on your merits. Because everyone wants to know: Who are you?

What part of Belize do you have HELD DOWN? Who are your ancestors?

And what have they accomplished (inside) the country of Belize? These are the questions.

Because truly...there are NO other questions. Needless to say, a VP position is a very important position.

Therefore, all the RIGHT questions MUST be asked.

Imagine...working beside someone...but you don't even know WHO they are?

Well, that is just NOT the Belizean way of doing things.


Dr. Krysta Price-Murillo - CONSULTANT

Dr. Price-Murillo...is sooo Accomplished...We can't even HIRE her. Why? Because she is always so very busy...across the globe.
She does...Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Paris, London...all in a matter of days.
So we have settled for consultations only...until our LUCKY DAY comes around...when she can join our staff...permanently.
Drs., Murillo are happily married professors with 2 children.



Ken is our Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He has DECADES of experience in the Shipping and Transportation
industry inside the USA. He also has extensive experience in the International IMPORT & EXPORT industry, particularly inside the
country of Belize. Ken is extremely flexible and he understands the importance of "Wearing Many Hats" and making "Business Decisions"
which ensures a successful career. He has worked side-by-side with Beverly...for almost 25 years.


Ken & Bev


Many thanks to My Darling Ken...for making ALL MY DREAMS...come through - true.

A MAN who's got MY back.... 24/7. 

He makes sure that I'm insulated and well protected...from the RAVAGES of LIFE.

But what I LOVE best about Ken. . . is HIS ability to hire an ATTORNEY

at the blink of an eye...and to defend and protect OUR RIGHTS as U.S. CITIZENS.

Particularly, when others have FORGOTTEN that I, Beverly, am a BRITISH BORN CITIZEN,

and also a BELIZEAN CITIZEN...and the fact that I GREW UP INSIDE the CHURCHYARD



"Branding is the effort that marketers make to distinguish their product or service as something Special -
not a commodity - and is therefore worth paying an additional premium, or driving an extra mile to get."



Brands have been in widespread use far longer than brand management has been discussed
in marketing classrooms or company boardrooms. Brands were originally used by hunters
and cattle herders as unique marks created to signify source or ownership. Their role was
purely to DIFFERENTIATE one thing from another. The brand made a simple statement:
"This one is mine, that one is yours."


"To understand the power of a strong brand relationship, it's helpful to begin with a short journey
into the world of brands. Brands aren't just names that companies use to identify the various
products and services they attempt to sell to people. Brands serve a greater purpose -- not just
for the marketer, but for the consumer, too.

Brands identify, define, and express the EXPERIENCE of using the particular products and
services with which consumers connect. Brands are the partners in the dating dance, the entities
with which individual consumers sometimes form important, reciprocal, and even

loving relationships.

Brands are everywhere. They're inescapable: brands of autos, breakfast cereals, blue jeans, laser
printers, law firms, discount brokerages, and grocery stores. They all cry out to be noticed, often
simultaneously, seeking to entice consumers into a first date that each brand hopes will lead to a
long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

Some of these brands succeed, but the vast majority do not. The brands that thrive offer a return
to the customer, whether it's tangible or intangible, rational or emotional.  And they provide this
return each and every time the customer ENCOUNTERS the BRAND."


"One more strategic option is to associate one's brand with a country or region that will add credibility
to it. For example, Chanel is seen as indelibly French, Swatch watches as Swiss, Beck's beer and Mercedes
as German, Stolichnaya vodka as Russian, and Molson Ice beer as from Canada ('where ice was invented').
Champagne similarly means France, just as Bloomingdale's means New York. In each case, the brand's
association with a country or region has a heritage of making the best within that product class."  (E.G.:
Mayan = Mexico & Central America, and Tropical Clothing & Accessories = the Caribbean).

"As industries turn increasingly hostile, it is clear that strong brand-bulding skills are needed to survive and prosper."



Beverly's Closet™

"Lost Angeles Fashion District"


I cordially INVITE the "International College of Beauty Arts & Sciences" - Los Angeses. . . to vist (Moi) in MY country of Belize.


Enjoying a glass of Caribbean Punch. . . on the High Seas in Belize!


Beverly (Cosmetologist)

A Proud Graduate of the Los Angeles, California Fashion & Jewelry District. . .


"CONGRATULATIONS". . .for making the decision to study beauty culture. By enrolling in this school

you have taken the first step toward a most glamorous and interesting profession. Beauty culture

offers the opportunity for a lifetime career in one of the country's largest and most profitable industries.

Beauty culture is a vocation that can be tailored to fit into the pattern of your private life.

When you are ready to raise a family, you can leave and then return and pick up where you left off.

You can live a normal married life and work at your own convenience."




While LIVING in North Hollywood, California and WORKING in Beverly Hills. . .

My favorite SHOW was always..."The BeverlyHillbillies." 

I used to come home from work and tune-in almost every evening.

 Always anticipating...Always looking forward...to that SPECIAL moment

when my children and I. . . could sit back, watch, and ENJOY..."The BeverlyHillbillies"  SHOW. . .

And I was NEVER. . .disappointed. . .Because every SHOW . . .was always SPECIAL.


Most of the Belize District is in the  east central mainland of Belize; the Belize District also
includes various offshore islands,  including Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker,  St. George's Caye, Caye
Chapel, English Caye, Goff's Caye, and Turneffe Atoll. Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are considered
two of the country's primary tourism areas. The longest river in the country, the Belize River, passes through
the  district and joins the Caribbean Sea along its coast. The Northern River, Sibun River, and Manatee
River are also in this district.


San Pedro Town, which is situated on the the island of Ambergris Caye,  is also in the Belize District.
Caye Caulker and St. George's Caye  are the island villages in this district.  Maskall, Bomba, Corozalito,
Santana, Lucky Strike, Rockstone Pond, Boston, Crooked Tree, Biscayne,  May Pen, Gardenia, Grace Bank,
Sand Hill, Lord's Bank, Ladyville, Burrell Boom, Buttercup, Scotland Halfmoon, Flowers Bank, Bermudian
Landing, Isabella Bank, Double Head Cabbage,  Willows Bank, St. Paul's Bank,  Big Falls, Rancho Dolores,
Hattieville, Freetown Sibun, Gracie Rock, La Democracia, and Galespoint are all mainland villages in the
Belize District. The Crooked Tree and Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuaries, the Belize Zoo (30 miles west of
Belize City), as well as the ancient Maya ruins of Altun Ha are all in this district.


Ethnic Groups

Most Belizeans are of multiracial descent. About 52.9% are Mestizo, 25.9% Creole,

11.3% Maya, 6.1 % Garifuna, 3.9% East Indian, 3.6% Mennonites, 1.2% White,

1% Asian, 1.2% Other and 0.3% Unknown.[2]

In the case of Europeans, most are descendants of Spanish and British colonial settlers,

whether pure-blooded or mixed with each other. Most Spanish left the nation just after it was taken

by the British colonists who, in the same way, left after Independence.

Beginning in 1958, German Mennonites of "Russian" Mennonite and

Pennsylvania Dutch heritage settled in Belize, mostly in isolated areas.

(The "Creole Dialect" is widely spoken by ALL Ethnic Groups = "BELIZE DA FI WE")

- Courtesy of Wikipedia.Org



Hi, I'm Beverly Price

I'm a Cosmetologist who specializes in Beauty Care Products and Fashionable Resort Wear.



"The first dimension of BEAUTY, the SELF, is the most fundamental of all.
It is all about discovering who you are and helping to bring the inner self
and the outer together so that the way you look and speak, move, and act is
AUTHENTIC, not something imitated or artificially imposed."

"Discovering the power of the self and expressing it involves transformation.
This process can be tremendously exciting. Sometimes it can also be very
hard, for it means peeling away the superfluous mechanical facades we all
collect - the ways of appearing and acting that have little to do with who
we really are but that have come to seem safe and secure. But this process
is thrilling too, and growing itself is BEAUTIFUL - you needn't look for a
specific end result to justify it. Being truly BEAUTIFUL is being AUTHENTIC.
It is all about becoming who you really are."



BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: "people who are identified with international society"

- Webster's Dictionary


"I have the heart of a MAN, not of a WOMAN, and I am not afraid of anything." 

- Elizabeth (Queen of England)


Please over-look the TYPO and MISTAKE that was made on this business card by "The Artist" from Chicago.

I suppose she was having a busy day...So we didn't create any fuss about it...

we just PAID HER...and then decided to use the EXPERTS at VISTAPRINT who did a PERFECT job.

And now. . .we have boxes of perfect business cards. "All is well that ends well." smiley






who thought we deserved our title as POWERSELLERS.

For the record: "Nikkiwickie" has shippped products to: DUBAI, SAUDI ARABIA,



Yes, that is correct. We have 20 years experience selling online. . .SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!


This photo of Corozal Town is courtesy of TripAdvisor


My 2 Beautiful Daughters -  who were my MODELS. . .on the ISLAND

Renata & Lloydia a.k.a. "Dr. Krysta Murillo"


Island of Ambergris Caye, Belize - Photo courtesy of Jose Luis Zapata


Laughing Bird Caye - Belize


Romantic Belize

Leonardo takes the best pictures and I can't wait to go to Orange Walk and visit him and have him take ALL the GLAMOUR SHOTS for my business.  Because I already know that he would (behave) like a professional and represent himself and his business in a dignified manner. Not to mention...he is my neighbor. Period. Oops! Did I mention his name is extremely popular in the country of Belize? Yes, Belizeans do so love the name - "Leonardo."



Ken and Bev checking out Restaurants and Condos in Tulum, QR Mexico


Cocktails in Tulum

Beautiful Boutiques in Tulum, Quintana Roo



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